All our Soups and Thai Salads contain chillies and are cooked medium-hot. If you would like your soup or salad milder or hotter, please let us know.
14. Tom Yum Gai
Hot and spicy chicken soup flavoured with mushrooms and lemongrass.
15. Tom Yum Goong
Hot and spicy prawn soup with mushrooms and lemongrass.
16. Tom Kha Gai
Chicken soup with coconut milk and lemongrass.
17. Tom Kha Goong
Prawn soup with coconut milk, lemongrass and mushrooms.
18. Yum Pak
Vegetable hot and spicy salad.
19. Yum Nue
Beef thinly sliced and served with the hot and spicy salad.
20. Yum Talay
Seafood with the hot and spicy salad.